Hops / 26 February 2002

(Constantly have dreams about people who are no longer in my life, either because of death or estrangement. Sometimes I’m surprised to see them, sometimes it’s natural that they should be there.)

The main character in Cv has a suit that belonged to his late grandfather and when he wears it the spirit of the grandfather sort of lurks in the periphery, sometimes interjecting with his own thoughts or memories, sometimes obnoxious. This clearly came from me inheriting my grandfather’s great black overcoat and wallet, both of which I’ve been using for five or six years.

In the mail the other day came his travel diary from the 1984 trip to Kenya and I was struck by the tidy, economical notes—

Still awake at midnight
Ordered sandwich at 1AM turn out lights at 2AM + slept til 8AM

Nice room + private bath. Hot water bottles to warm beds
Good night
No animal calls during night.

Dust! even in suitcase

Stopped at equator, Nanyuki + Isiolo
Arr Samburu Lodge @ 1PM - Lunch
En route saw generuk, zebra

15KM awfullest road I ever traveled

Up at 5:45AM Knock on door—
Only Josh heard the alarm — Coffee

Went on bird walk after lunch then game viewing from 3:30 to 6:30PM TREMENDOUS!
Saw elephants, 7 lions (6 female + cub) + 1 large mate), lots of reticulated giraffe plus warthogs, cape buffalo, bush buck, zebra, and water buck.
Dinner 7:30PM + to bed
What a day.

Dept for airport 2:00PM
Bedlam! Pan Am 189

And repeatedly, like a period at the end of each day: Hot shower, clean clothes, early to bed.

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