Today I'm Twenty-Nine / 29 January 2003

So young vibrant alive, eyes lucid, skin clear, hair soft and clean, sinewy, lithe, let me quote myself, taking big heaping breaths, attacking each day with my usual gusto, making the most of each precious moment, eating gigantic breakfasts, reading voraciously, my mind as hungry as ever for knowledge, my capacity for sharing and growth still really enormous, punching holes in the day, gnawing at the rough fiber that makes up time and space, a pure vision, a fighting spirit, a supreme confidence, a challenge, a bold new voice, a towering spire of genius, a wizard, a true star, seamsplitting power and beauty, a functioning heart, steady hands, an experimental haircut, overbig shoes, profane t-shirts, erotic showers, whiskeyed tongues, totally blunted, pukestained car mats, hidden 8mm videotapes, bare walls, basic cable, the facial hair, the subway, the diners, the voice mail, the cars and cars and cars, the blackness, the halogen lamps, the hardwood floors, the cleverness, the drying blood, the trying and not trying, the not trying, the not trying, the french fries, the unshakeable belief, the simplicity, the flood, the mountain of salt, the push and cramp and disconnect and wince and leap and fire aaaaaaaaand. And that’s it. My twenties are over.

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