Jelly Jars Et Alia / 29 June 2005

This space is not just for being maudlin but also for jotting down things for future reference, esp. things that I think I might like, because I’ve been in this limbo for a while where I know I don’t like where I am but have no direction as to where I want to go, because I don’t know what would be better and nothing sounds particularly great, and I’ve been doing trial-and-error for a while and not satisfied with the results. Which is why I sent my wife a non sequitur message the other day that said something about how I picture our house being sort of rustic and having jelly jars in the windowsills and a porch where I can drink beer and play guitar. Keep in mind that this is not some Ultimate Fantasy — I do not even like beer! — but a sort of unsolicited Vision that popped into my head when I thought about where we would be living after this, and thus maybe worth recording. Anyway the point being here’s another thing to jot down: I like a view from high up in a building. And the view doesn’t even have to be that great, but I get some degree of pleasure from looking down on the world — at the pitiful ants going about their day beneath my ever-watchful gaze. Does this mean I want to live in a high-rise apartment like Bob Newhart? I don’t know. Does this mean I enjoy the voyeuristic thrill of seeing while not being seen? Of course. Can I attempt to write off this perverse excitement as a side-product of being a writer, who must constantly observe people in their natural habitat in order to accurately depict them with the written word? Sure, give it a shot.

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