I Have Too Many Keys / 15 September 1996

It takes three keys to get into my apartment. One to get my mail. One to get into work. One to operate my car. One to secure my bike. Each one takes its own toll. With each new key I’m forced to carry, I grow a little older and get a little heavier. My possessions are spread out over many varied locations, growing in number every day. There was a time when I could fit everything I owned into my car (along with this was the comforting feeling that I could pack it all in there within an hour and a half and skip town, if need be), which meant I could boil it all down to one key. Now skipping town would involve a complex series of forms and transactions, and my car (if it would stop stalling in the middle of busy intersections) would be weighted down by a fat ring of keys. My goal is this: Lose one key each year until I’m down to one. One single key that keeps everything safe from marauders. One key that I can keep in my shoe.

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