Fun Game Variations / 20 May 1997

Molotov Checkers
Place an ordinary Chinese Checkers game on a stove, crank the burners to high, and begin play. As the game progresses, the steel board will become extremely hot, adding a new and badly needed element of danger to the game.

Cold War
Instead of using a standard deck of cards to play War, create a new deck made up of fifty 2’s and two aces. Make sure one ace goes to each player.

Celestial Darts
Players are given six darts per turn instead of the standard three. The first player to create an accurate depiction of a major constellation on the dartboard (to be judged by an impartial third party), wins.

Strip Monopoly
Standard Monopoly rules are followed. But if a player can no longer afford to pay rent, they must forfeit their clothes as collateral. During these turns, players must also sit in cardboard boxes.

Party Drinking Game Variation
Watch the film Leaving Las Vegas. Each time Nicolas Cage takes a drink, everyone at the party must drink as well.

Jeopardy Trivial Pursuit
Use a standard deck of Trivial Pursuit cards, but players must come up with the question for the corresponding answer.

Def Leppard Charades
Not only must each answer be a Def Leppard song title or lyric, but players may only use one arm to give hints to their teammates.

Hellen Keller Poker
Traditional rules are followed, except all players must be blindfolded.

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