Private AOL Chat Transcript No. 16 / 5 October 1998

F1R3LAND: hey hey whassup

ELBO222: not much

F1R3LAND: are you a girl? where do you live/

ELBO222: im at school rightnow

F1R3LAND: at school!!! how old are you????

ELBO222: i go to schhool in milwakee

F1R3LAND: old milwaukee tastes as great as its name

ELBO222: haha yeah

F1R3LAND: do you like beer?

ELBO222: no its tastes gross

F1R3LAND: i hear that,,,are you in college?

ELBO222: sortof

F1R3LAND: hehe what does that mean

ELBO222: well i guess im not really IN school, just working at schhol

F1R3LAND: are you like a TA? don t tell me your a janitor!! haha

ELBO222: no i work in the psych dept

F1R3LAND: sweeeeet!!! what do you do? psych peopl e out!!

ELBO222: my offical title is Senior restrainer

F1R3LAND: yeah baby now were talking

ELBO222: ;-)

F1R3LAND: so are you into whips and chains orwhat?

ELBO222: no no but ihave= to hold down people when we give them shots and electratherapy and stuff

F1R3LAND: wow thats awesome thats really cool

ELBO222: its pretty fun

F1R3LAND: do people freak out totally?

ELBO222: yeah they get pretty wiged out sometimes

F1R3LAND: i bet…so are these like experaments for classes or what?

ELBO222: no no no, its just something that dr tortora and iw ork on

F1R3LAND: is he writing a book or something

ELBO222: SHE!! no, but she has access to all this cool equipment and sometimes she inviets me over to help out

F1R3LAND: with restraining

ELBO222: yeah. she’ll get some volunteers from one of herclasses nad bring them to the lab late at night and thats when she calls me,

F1R3LAND: freaky!!!!

ELBO222: she injects the peple with something or shocks them and i hold them down

F1R3LAND: do the kids get extra creidt??

ELBO222: i dunno

F1R3LAND: science is really interseting to me, i love it

ELBO222: yeah me too

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