Whatever Disintegration / 31 May 2005

Everyone’s so nuts for Disintegration. And I can get it, I guess, but I’m not coming over to your side. I stand by the review I wrote for my high-school paper (a like eight-page stapled photocopy?) where I basically said “too synthy.” Not that the Cure hasn’t been plenty synthy on other things but one thing I always liked about them was even though they were sad mopey gothy 80s, R. Smith was out there playing lead guitar and yeah it was dinky blippy synthy guitar but it was still guitar and I think that’s why I liked the Cure back then and not, say, New Order or Depeche Mode. (Whom I like now. And in a maybe related note, the dull default techno 4/4 kick-highhat OONCE OONCE OONCE OONCE beat that I once thought to be the nadir of music is now an endless source of delight so PEOPLE CHANGE OK.) And yeah maybe it’s the-first-album-I-got-by-them nostalgia but Kiss Me still reigns way supreme over Disintegration no contest. End of discussion but the real question is why did I not get Seventeen Seconds back in the day? I didn’t get it until like 1999 when Kim Hedges told me “In Your House” made her dizzy, and that’s something I think of every time I hear that song, which is easily in my top five of All-Time Best Night Songs.

Joshua Green Allen

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