The Freshening / 19 May 2005

True story here about me sneezing just now? And wondering what exactly would happen to the mint that was currently dissolving in my mouth during all this? So I sneeze — radly — and then like come to and start putting together the shattered pieces of my life etc. and feel around and there’s no mint in my mouth as far as I can tell. And I do a fairly thorough examination of my immediate surroundings and find no mint or mint shrapnel. So Q.E.D. the force of my sneeze totally disintegrated the mint. And as I was opening the Stickie file where I keep epitaph ideas (“Joshua Allen: His head was a science experiment”), my shirt got caught against the edge of this desk here and something fell out and I thought I’d snapped a button off but no it was the mint. THE MINT I WAS TALKING ABOUT EARLIER IN THIS PARAGRAPH. I guess it’d gotten stuck on my shirt. Ha ha, you! You mint you. And then I re-ate it! Yeah basically living on the edge and not caring whether I lived or died. I was all giving the finger to the 3-second rule, I guess. Do you find me interesting and dangerous.

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