The Flywheel / 21 March 2005

What do you do on the weekends? Please post your response in comments SIKE!! there are none here but anyway I wonder about that, what people do on the weekends, when they’re in that in-between phase where they don’t need to go out and find someone to have sex with them but they also don’t have a lawn to maintain.

Because what I do is sit in the snow on the back porch and fire up the Flywheel and punch in co-ords and see what noises come out. This is for hours. I think of these times as rehearsals for the upcoming Orifex LP, which may or may not ever actually exist, but I like thinking about it, and making vague plans for it to be an actual beginning-middle-end kind of album. But until then I just generate noises and pretend they’re rough demos that someone will one day illegally issue in a compilation called Ha Ha Learning. Here is one from yesterday:


(For a while I toyed with the fancier-pants’d music generators and they were good for assembling beats that make the kids shake their stank, but I want to get back to sad chittering drones and nothing beats the Flywheel when it comes to that.)

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