The Pullthru / 16 March 2005

Fyeah I pull through. Why would you think I do not pull through. Why would you think that. I see a parking spot with an empty space in front of it, I do a pullthru without hesitation. Then my car is pointing out and ready to go. I’m a guy who likes to hop in a car and put the car in drive and mash the pedal. I’m not a guy who likes to put things in reverse and look back and slowly ease out like a scaredy fragile grandma w/osteo. I’m a guy who may need to make a quick getaway.

(I noticed my back tire was a little low. I put air in it. I noticed there was a screw embedded in it. I’m a guy who doesn’t get new tires put on but instead opts for the slow leak.)

But things I am afraid of: Doing a pullthru and crashing head-on into a car that’s pulling into that same spot, thinking it was empty. Also: The swinging door to the office bathroom. You pull on the handle to open it, but what if someone comes busting out at the same time and the door snaps open suddenly while I’m pulling, breaking my freaking ulna? It’s a difficult scenario to describe but a real simple scenario to have happen, and I’m not a guy who needs broken ulnae over here, impeding my lifestyle.

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