FM-TV / 22 August 2005

I would like to hereby thank a program called FM-TV that showed on late nights out of some UHF-ish station in Broomfield, Colo. when I was a wee lad. This either predated MTV or was running concurrently to the newly launched MTV before my family got cable (speaking of, I’d also hereby like to thank The Movie Channel for showing R movies during the day, allowing me glimpses of Brief Nudity in the crucial after-school hours), and it showed whatever music videos were available which, back then, meant mostly artsy nutball bands. I mean, they used a King Crimson song (an 80s King Crimson song, no less — here, listen) as their opening theme. And this program opened my impressionable head to all sorts of creepy music and imagery that basically altered me for the rest of my life, perhaps for the worse. Devo, Snakefinger, The Residents, Laurie Anderson, Ultravox — oh, neat, I was doing a search to see if anyone knew what I was talking about and found this: “You could catch videos by the Residents, Yello, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Devo … just about anything left of center, all in the span of two hours. It was amazing.  So, I’m sure there were a lot of other local area 10 year-olds like me, just watching all of this and growing up thinking that this was pop music.” WE ARE TOTALLY TWINS!

Joshua Green Allen

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