Complicated Feelings About Mustard / 5 July 2005

We celebrated the Fourth of July by seeing the decidedly unamerican Howl’s Moving Castle (not just a Japanese movie but a Japanese movie based on a limey book of all things) and then I made some hamburgers on the George Foreman grill using Téodor’s “Flavor Burger” recipe from this cookbook (I asked Alex if she thought I was crazy because I trusted Téodor’s recipes more than Ray’s, even though they’re both written by the same author) which involved adding Worcestershire (spelled it right on my first attempt bitchez!!) sauce and mustard and grated cheese to the raw meat. I have really complicated feelings about mustard. And then we watched Close Encounters for some reason, and I pointed out the shots of the starry sky where you could see — when pointed out by a Total Expert! — you could see little stars moving OR WERE THEY UFOs!!! And also pointing out one of my favorite movie moments which I tried to vidcap years ago but couldn’t, and that’s after the aliens totally fuck with Richard Dreyfuss in his truck, messing with his radio and the mailboxes and whatnots and he flips out, and then they go away and it gets all quiet. And then there’s this shot of his truck on this empty road in the middle of nowhere, and there’s just this brief flicker of UFO light flashing down from the heavens as they continue on their way. And what I like about it is it’s just silent — no UFO noises or yells or anything, just this spotlight from some unknown source.

Joshua Green Allen

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