The Voleurnym / 13 June 1998

Faye Dunaway was born on January 14, 1941 in Bascom, FL. C-section. She returned to the hospital seven years later when her father, who worked at AAPEX Mortgage, prematurely removed a set of training wheels. She spun out of control and into oncoming traffic. Her front wheel was caught by the bumper of a passing Chevrolet and she was dragged alongside the car for a block and a half before disentangling the spokes and coming to a rest in front of the public library, the bone in her left knee exposed. She was voted secretary-treasurer in her high school’s student council. She displayed an early and thorough aptitude for languages, particularly Latin and Spanish. On two separate occasions she took over her Spanish class when the teacher was “out sick.” In 1957, a tropical storm tore through her hometown and destroyed several office buildings on the west side. She was extremely allergic to bees, or rather bee stings. In college she worked as a copy editor on the school paper, and then moved up to head editor. During her sophomore year she switched majors from Spanish to Journalism. She dropped out during her junior year and moved with a young female friend to Hollywood, CA. She took a job at a grocery store while her young female friend began working in the mailroom of the Warner Bros. studio. In 1962 she caught pneumonia and suffered from an extended illness. The young female friend had an unfortunate name that could easily be misheard as an obscene epithet. In 1963, Faye Dunaway died in a hospital due to complications from her pneumonia and a bee sting.

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